Ben Kjorsvik founded BK Custom Rods in Australia’s beautiful southern city of Hobart, Tasmania. As owner and operator, Ben, a keen fresh and saltwater angler with lure and fly, has 14 years of experience designing and building custom fishing rods.

After joining the local tournament fishing scene in the mid-2000s, Ben realized that the rods on the market weren’t up to the job; they lacked performance, ergonomics, and aesthetics. What began as a hobby in 2008 soon developed into a passion shared by friends and family. With such a diverse range of fishing styles in Tasmania, people wanted tackle to suit their style. Ben has developed an Australia-wide customer base since he started trading as BK Custom Tackle in 2013. Today, ‘BK Custom’ builds anything and everything a fish-fanatic might desire. From ultra-light spin and fly rods for chasing elusive bream and trout to the heaviest game rods developed for Tasmania’s recreational tuna and emerging swordfish fishery, Ben’s rods are a staple for many of Australia’s anglers.

Ben particularly enjoys making unique, personalized rods for his customers. He specialises in custom handle configurations, colour work, and thread art. Whether the request is as simple as adding a name or a complete personalised build — if you can dream it, Ben can build it.